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Introducing Carla

Carla Rolli is not just a professional Makeup Artist; she is a creative force with over six years of dedicated experience in the beauty industry. Her journey into the world of makeup was fueled by an innate interest in beauty and the liberating canvas it provided for her creativity. It wasn't long before she discovered that her true calling lay in the art of makeup.


Embarking on her professional makeup odyssey, Carla honed her skills under the banner of two of the UK’s premier beauty brands—NYX Professional Makeup and MAC Cosmetics. These experiences served as the crucible for her growth, shaping her into the first-class makeup artist she is today. Carla's expertise spans a myriad of occasions, from special events to bridal transformations, captivating photoshoots, and the demanding realm of e-commerce.


For Carla, the essence of her craft lies in the profound impact it has on her clients. It's not just about applying makeup; it's about instilling confidence. Witnessing the remarkable transformation from the beginning to the end of each session is what fuels Carla's passion. Her artistry is not about changing her clients; it's about enhancing their inherent beauty. Throughout every appointment, Carla's goal is clear: to make her clients feel great about themselves before, during, and after the makeup experience.


Carla's love for her work transcends the conventional bounds of a career—it's her true passion. Makeup Artistry is not just a job for Carla; it's her calling. In her kit, she curates an array of luxury and professional brands, including NARS, Fenty Beauty, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and many more, ensuring that every stroke is a testament to quality and artistry.

"Makeup isn't just applied; it's crafted, and beauty isn't just seen; it's celebrated. I can't wait to bring out your unique radiance and make you feel absolutely fabulous."

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