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Q. Where is Carla Rolli based?

A. I am based at Mink Makeup Studio in Fishponds, Bristol BS16. 

Q. Does Carla Rolli Travel?

A. Yes. With our freelance packages; I travel for large parties (minimum of 4) subject to availability covering all of the UK and internationally.

Q. How do I secure an appointment for your services?

A. For freelance appointments, please contact us via our Book Now form providing as much detail as possible. We will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience. Alternatively, for bookings at Mink Makeup Studio, see my availability at here.

Q. Do you provide wedding services?

A. Yes, my diary is open for the remainder of 2023 up to December 2024. Please contact us via our Book Now form by selecting the "Bridal & Wedding Party' service.

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